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Now you can minimise the hassle in sourcing for the right materials/tools, and head straight to the creative process of miniature food sculpting.

Pocket Kitchen is designed and assembled exclusively by us at AiClay. 

Pocket Kitchen is a carefully curated collection of tools and materials to kickstart your miniature food crafting journey. Plus you can easily pack everything away in the sturdy kit after you're done, crafting doesn't have to be messy and disorganised anymore! Some items are exclusively designed and produced for Pocket Kitchen and will not be available elsewhere.  

This craft kit is for ages 10 and above. No crafting experience is required as it comes with 12 video tutorials to guide you along each step (read below for more details). There are some sharp tools included in the kit, so adult supervision/assistance is required if younger children are using the kit. 

Note: Please keep the kit away from direct sunlight or high temperature as this can partially bake the polymer clay within!

Read on for details of the contents of the craft kit. (Pictures 6-16 show content in the kit)


Note: If you are coming for AiClay's miniature food workshops, please contact me separately to purchase the Pocket Kitchen as there is a discount exclusive for workshop participants. Please note that all sales on the website are final.



1. A USB flash drive containing 12 complete miniature food video tutorials (shown in pic 5) and 5 basic video tutorials. They are written, filmed and edited by me and my partner.

I've had years of experience in crafting and teaching miniature food sculpting, so I'm confident you will be able to keep up with the detailed steps provided. These tutorials will include step by step footage of how I created the miniature food item from scratch, coupled with narration and useful techniques and tips. 

You can view teaser snippets of the videos here and here. 
Sample screenshots of the videos are shown in pictures 4 and 5.

2. 8 colours of 2oz. Premo! Sculpey polymer clay (you can make almost any colour by mixing these basic colours, and the videos include colour recipes to mix the necessary colours for the projects.) Please note that currently, we are out of stock of 2oz White Premo! Sculpey, however we have repacked the same Premo Sculpey White clay (from a bigger pack) into the same volume, so essentially you will be receiving the same items as you’ve ordered. The only difference is that there is a sticker at the back of your white clay to keep it sealed. 

3. A set of exclusively-designed Pocket Roller with 5 pairs of levellers with different heights. This is our uniquely designed portable solution in replacement of a bulky pasta machine. 
You can roll out your clay to different heights using the Pocket Roller, and it's compact and easy to clean. (Detailed instructions on how to use the Pocket Roller included in the video tutorials)

4. Two white ceramic tiles as working surfaces.

5. A 50ml bottle of FIMO liquid gel and a bottle of FIMO 10ml gloss varnish from Staedtler. Please remember to shake the FIMO gloss varnish regularly (about once a month), to make sure it doesn't dry up. 

6. 2 set of glass bottles containing accessory findings and necklace and bracelet chains to create different types of jewelry pieces.

7. 2 high quality brushes, one rounded brush for general painting and one angled brush for finer details.

8. A set of soft pastel chalks consisting of 4 colours which are most commonly used for miniature food crafting.

9. An acrylic roller, a strip of blu tack, a piece of aluminium foil and 2 different grits of sandpaper (not pictured here). 

10. A set of tools consisting of a stainless steel tissue blade, a sharp needle tool, a dual curved probe/knife tool, scalpel/rounded needle tool and a pair of tweezers. 

11. A set of 5 PK-exclusive metal circular cutters of different diameters. We have designed and produced these cutters to be fitted with a wider head at the bottom of the plunger to minimise distortion to the cut clay. 

* Some of the tools are exclusively designed and produced for Pocket Kitchen and will not be available elsewhere. 

* Besides the Pocket Kitchen, you will also require a basic toaster/convection oven to bake your polymer clay works to permanent hardness. Including an oven in Pocket Kitchen will incur a much higher shipping cost and we don't want to add that to the price. Just buy a simple convection/toaster oven (with temperature and time setting) from your nearest store.


After many years of conducting miniature food workshops, the favourite question my participants have is "So where can I get all the tools and materials from?" 

And there's never an easy answer for that, because most of the tools/materials required for miniature food sculpting are purchased from different sources and countries. So I've always dreamt of putting together the perfect solution for all of you who have been hoping to embark on the magical journey of creating miniature food, without the hassle.

For close to two years, me and my partner have worked hard on making this dream come true. We spent many hours drawing sketches of our exclusively-designed tools, brainstormed for the most interesting projects to include, travelled the world to connect with various suppliers etc. 

In March 2015, all of our efforts finally resulted in the launch of Pocket Kitchen, your hassle-free miniature food craft kit. I'm so proud to introduce this to the growing circle of miniature food lovers, and I know you'll love it too! 


If you're staying outside of Singapore, the Pocket Kitchen Ultimate will be airflown to you. It will take around 10-15 working days to reach your doorstep upon receipt of payment. 

Please trust that I do my utmost best to package each item properly and make sure that every item leaves my hands well packaged and in perfect condition. 


However, in rare cases, packages could be held up at customs, or even be lost/damaged during transit. Please understand I have absolutely no control over the delivery process, and I cannot be responsible for any delays/loss/damages incurred during transit. Having said that, I appreciate every one of my customers, and would assist you in getting the best out of such a situation. :)


Please find out the shipping zone you're under FROM HERE (or from the last picture, place your cursor over the picture to zoom in) and indicate the shipping option* you require at the bottom of this page.

At the checkout page, select the shipping option - For Pocket Kitchen Only ($0). 

*In unique cases of remote shipping location (shipping provider companies usually charge a lot more when the location is determined as remote in their database), I will email you separately to request for top up of shipping fees. You can choose to top up the excess, or have the purchase fully refunded. 

For deliveries to Singapore addresses, please note that the FREE collection option is available for Boon Keng MRT and subject to both of our schedules. I will be emailing you with regards to collection timing after your order has been submitted.  

Please note that for Singapore addresses, it will take up to 7 working days for the Pocket Kitchen to be prepared and ready for collection/delivery, upon receipt of payment.

As for collection, please note that from 18 Jun 2018 onwards, we would be doing our own part to save the environment by reusing shopping bags to package your Pocket Kitchen Craft Kit. If you would like a brand-new bag instead, please indicate on the option below.


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Pocket Kitchen Ultimate

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