Chestnut Necklace

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The chestnut hawker. He stands over the hot wok, oblivious to the beads of perspiration forming on his forehead. His hands work constantly, stirring the sizzling mountain of charcoal and chestnuts. Little brown bags of sweet nuts sit beside the wok.

"Gao lak (it means chestnut in hokkien dialect), gao lak!" he shouts over the sweet aroma wafting from the mobile chestnut cart.

In honour of the tenacity of the chestnut hawker, I present the Chestnut necklace.
The little glass jar holds 30-40 miniature whole and peeled chestnuts, hand sculpted individually by me.

You can upgrade to a silver-coloured stainless steel necklace chain, of 40cm length and a 6cm extension. Note that the stainless steel chain only comes in one length.

Please note that you will only receive the necklace shown in the first three pictures.
If you would like a little brown bag of chestnuts, just as a darling decoration piece, take a look at the Bag of Chestnuts listing. The last two pictures show the chestnuts before they are encased in the glass jar.

*This is also available in gold version (gold jar and chain), please contact me if you would like this, via the contact form once you've made the order. By default, you'll receive the silver version.


Glass Jar - 2cm in height from top of cap
Silver-plated Chain - 43 cm or 17" in length
Stainless Steel Chain - 40cm + 6cm extension

As the glass jar is made of genuine breakable glass, please take care to not drop it.
Each piece of work is made from quality polymer clay, which will keep its form and vibrant colours forever. However, please still be careful with the handsculpted pieces.
Please keep plated chains in airtight bags after wearing, to reduce tarnish. If tarnish happens, please use a silver-polishing cloth to remove the tarnish. Please purchase the stainless steel upgrade if tarnish is a concern. If the necklace comes into contact with water, just dab it off gently with a dry towel.

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Chestnut Necklace

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