Cookie Monster - Necklace

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Perfect for the cookie monster in you. ;)

The miniature chocolate chunk cookies are handsculpted by me down to the finest details, from the chocolate chunks peeking under the cookie, to the realistic crumbly texture. The cookies are arranged into a glass jar, and made into a pendant. Finally, I put on a pretty gold ribbon to complete the cookie jar and attached it to a necklace chain.

The ribbon can be detached if desired.

This listing is for a Cookies in a Jar pendant and necklace chain.

You can choose between a long bronze-plated necklace chain (24" or 61cm in length) or a regular silver/bronze-plated necklace chain (20" or 51cm in length) in the drop down box below. The colour of the eye-pins (loop at top of jar) will be matched to the necklace chain chosen.

*You can see all 3 different necklace chains in the last picture.


Glass Jar - 3cm in height

Each piece of work is made from quality polymer clay, which will keep its form and vibrant colours forever. However, please still be careful with the handsculpted pieces.
Please keep plated accessories in airtight bags after wearing, to reduce tarnish. If tarnish happens, please use a silver-polishing cloth to remove the tarnish. If the accessory comes into contact with water, just dab it off gently with a dry towel.

Cookie Monster - Necklace

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