Captain Biscuit Ring

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Anyone remembers Captain Planet?

"Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart! Let our powers combine!"

Over here at AiClay, we have Captain Biscuit. ;) The slim ring band is bronze-plated and adjustable to your finger's size. Choose your favourite colour, and combine powers with your friends!

Earth - Shades of Green
Fire - Shades of Yellow
Wind - White
Water - Shades of Blue
Heart - Shades of Pink

The miniature rainbow iced gems are handsculpted by me down to the finest details, from the little biscuit to the colourful sugar tops.

Please choose a colour based on the chart in the last photo. Note that only some of the colours are shown in the photos of the rings.

The rainbow assortment of iced gems are cut into half to be better shown off on your hand.

*Click on the photo to enlarge.

This listing is for ONE Captain Biscuit Ring.


Rainbow Iced Gem Biscuit
● 1cm in height

Each piece of work is made from quality polymer clay, which will keep its form and vibrant colours forever. However, please still be careful with the handsculpted pieces.

Please keep plated accessories in airtight bags after wearing, to reduce tarnish. If tarnish happens, please use a silver-polishing cloth to remove the tarnish. If the accessory comes into contact with water, just dab it off gently with a dry towel.

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Captain Biscuit Ring

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